National Clearing System Codes

NCC – National Clearing System codes are used when you need to clear payment with a country’s local clearing for the allowed currency, this is also know as routing number or national id.
In SWIFT MT message we use 2 character code where as in MX message we uses upto 5 character code.
Under MX message “code” and “id” can be used in “ClrSysMmbId.MmbId” or “code” in “ClrSysMmbId.ClrSysId.Cd” and “id” in “ClrSysMmbId.MmbId”

List of National Clearing System codes are as below for MT messages:

SL#CodeMember Id FormatNational Clearing System Codes DescriptionCountryComments
1AT5!nAustrian BankleitzahlAustria
2AU6!nAustralian Bank State Branch (BSB) CodeAustralia
3BL8!nGerman BankleitzahlGermany
4CC9!nCanadian Payments Association Payment Routing NumberCanada
5CH6!nCHIPS Universal IdentifierUSACountry not limited to USA but any country bank which is member of CHIPS
6CN12..14nChina National Advanced Payment System (CNAPS) CodeChina
7CP4!nCHIPS Participant IdentifierUSACountry not limited to USA but any country bank which is member of CHIPS
8ES8..9nSpanish Domestic Interbanking CodeSpain
9FW9!n or without 9 digit codePay by FedwireUSAIn option A, if party identifier is used just //FW else if in option C/D we use //FW9!n
10GR7!nHEBIC (Hellenic Bank Identification Code)Greece
11HK3!nBank Code of Hong KongHong Kong
12IE6!nIrish National Clearing Code (NSC)Ireland
13IN11!nIndian Financial System Code (IFSC)India
14IT10!nItalian Domestic Identification CodeItaly
15NZ6!nNew Zealand National Clearing CodeNew Zealand
16PL8!nPolish National Clearing Code (KNR)Poland
17PT8!nPortuguese National Clearing CodePortugal
18RU9!nRussian Central Bank Identification CodeRussia
19RTBlankPay by Real Time Gross SettlementAll
20SC6!nUK Domestic Sort CodeUnited Kingdom
21SW3..5nSwiss Clearing Code (BC code)SwitzerlandBC -Bank Clearing
22SW6!nSwiss Clearing Code (SIC code)SwitzerlandSIC -Swiss Interbank Clearing
23TW7!nTaiwan National Clearing CodeTaiwanNot seen in SWIFT MT specification till 2018
24ZA6!nSouth African National Clearing CodeSouth Africa

Rest of the countries preferably uses BIC and IBAN options during an International transaction

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