Need of P27

P27 project which is being implemented in Nordics has major advantages and the need for this Project 27 is explained in this blog.


P27 or Project 27 is a digital payment innovation in Nordics market. This initiative will soon going to be launched in 2021.

ISO20022 Messages in SCT

SEPA Credit Transfer comprises of ISO20022 messages, this blog helps you in getting more insight on messages exchanged between C2B and FI2FI

Payments Quiz

Payments Quiz A set of 5 MCQ on Banking and Payments. Find the answer at the end of each question. 1. Which of the below customer can send MT 103 to FI with UETR?a. Only individual customer can send MT 103 with UETRb. Only corporate customer can send MT 103 with UETRc. Only Government customer …

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Book Transfers

Book Transfers We have heard about SEPA payments, Domestic payments and Global payments by now, another type of payment which we are learning today is “Bank Internal Transfers” or “Book Transfers“. Probably we may have seen family members having their account in same bank in the country. Here payer and payee belongs to same bank …

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Domestic Payments

Domestic Payments Domestic Payments, as the name suggests within a single geographical jurisdiction transfers. When payer and payee resides in the same country and the transfers happening in local currency which uses a single common clearing system, then the payment becomes domestic in nature. They are also called as “Domestic Transfers“. Domestic payments general requirements: …

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