Screen Name: Infotainment Guru

Qualification: Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communications

Industry Experience: Nearly 4 years experience in “Retail Telecom” & about 5 years experience in “Retail Banking”

Current Designation: Senior Business Analyst

Current Domain: BFSI

Current Sub-Domain: Payments

Banking Region: US & EU

Hobbies: Blogging, Badminton, Cricket, You-tuber, Lyrics writing, Story writing, Memes & Jokes creation

About Myself: Habitual Blogger; A Wanderer; A Theist; Person with Fortitude; Funny & Humorous; Loves Nature & Music..!

My Certificates & Courses:
  • P101- Payment System Basics Certification
  • P102- Payment Processing Certification
  • SWIFT GPI Tracker Certification from SWIFT
  • GPI Plan Your Project Certification from SWIFT
I struggled when I began my career as an Analyst in getting the right information related to "Banking Domain" and it was tough to know the standards, process followed in industry and norms related to each country & it's bank. This made me to start free blogs on BFSI based on my experience & learning. Come explore the world of "BFSI Domain" & be a part of "Gyana Yagna".. I hope you enjoy reading my blogs!
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