23E, Instruction Code in MT103

Field 23E, Instruction Code in MT103

MT103 field 23E stands for instruction code. 23E is an optional field in MT103 and it can occur more than once.

Format: 4!C[/30x] – 4 Character Code, optionally followed by ‘/’ and additional text of 30 characters

List of allowed instruction codes in field 23E of MT103

  1. CHQBCheque, Pay beneficiary customer by cheque only. The optional account number line in field 59a must not be used.
  2. HOLDHold, Beneficiary customer/claimant will call; pay upon identification.
  3. PHOB – Phone Beneficiary, Please advise/contact beneficiary/claimant by phone.
  4. PHOI – Phone Intermediary, Please advise the intermediary institution by phone.
  5. PHON – Telephone, Please advise account with institution by phone.
  6. REPA – Related Payment, Payment has a related e-Payments reference.
  7. TELBTelecommunication, Please advise/contact beneficiary/claimant by the most efficient means of telecommunication.
  8. TELE – Telecommunication, Please advise the account with institution by the most efficient means of telecommunication.
  9. TELI – Telecommunication, Please advise the intermediary institution by the most efficient means of telecommunication.
  10. INTC – Intra-Company Payment, A payment between two companies belonging to the same group.
  11. SDVA – Same Day Value, Payment must be executed with same day value to the beneficiary.
  12.  CORT – Corporate Trade, Payment is made in settlement of a trade, for example, foreign exchange deal, securities transaction.

Rules on using instruction codes in field 23E

  •  Additional Information is only allowed when Instruction Code consists of one of the following codes: PHON, PHOB, PHOI, TELE, TELB, TELI, HOLD or REPA
  •  Code REPA indicates that the payment is the result of an initiation performed via an e-payments product between the customers. This code is intended for the beneficiary’s bank who should act according to the specifications of the e-payments product.
  1. 23E:TELE/92392311
  2. 23E:SDVA
  3. 23E:CORT
  4. 23E:INTC
  5. 23E:CHQB
  6. 23E:REPA/TX1000232019

MT103 Field 23E equivalent in PAIN.001

Based on the values of field 23E mapping can be done to 5 different fields of pain.001 message, hence 23E is repetition in MT message.

MX equivalent fields are:

  1. Service Level
  2. Purpose <Even if codes are matching purpose code list not mapping to Purpose.Cd as field 26T is to be used>
  3. Category Purpose
  4. Instruction For Creditor Agent
  5. Instruction For Next Agent

Mapping MT103 Field 23 to MX equivalent tables

CodeSuggested Field in pain001 structureAvailable in Service LevelAvailable in PurposeAvailable in Category PurposeAvailable in Instr For Cred AgentAvailable in Instr For Next Agent

Note: Field 23E mapping can be done on same lines for MT101 as well, but instruction codes are different. This article is only about MT103 Field 23E based on past experience seen as seen in samples of cross-border payments

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