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We aim to provide quality artifacts on payments domain, the site is intended for entry level enthusiasts in Banking Domain, some of the key areas where we are aiming to publish are as below:

BFSI Domain

Get to know about the basics of BFSI terms and definitions like BIC, SWIFT, IBAN, BBAN etc

Get to know more about various payments initiation and validation process

Know more about how different payments are processed. Understand the world of Routing, Clearing & Settlement and much more

Want to know PCI DSS?
Lets learn the basics of Payments and Cards

ISO20022, ISO15022 Messages from Customer to FI, FI to FI, Free format messages, Exception and Claims messages etc are covered

Cross border payments will be covered

Euro Payments in SEPA Union to be covered

Within the country payments in local currency will be covered

Within the same bank transferred payments will be covered 

Standing Instructions, triggers to be covered

How credit transfers takes place? How debit instructions are issued? Are discussed here..

Currency exchange and updating treasury on the rates booked are to be covered

For my transaction, do I have enough balance? Is the money getting reserved, if “Yes”, then “How?”

How a Bank maintains it’s rich data needed for validating payments during initiation, processing and so on.. are to be discussed

Is Fraud prevention and detection is done during payment initiation and processing or it will be done only after customers informs the bank? Get to know more about this…

Do you know how your transactions are routed?
How your transaction is moving between Banks?
You will get to know this soon..

How Bank accounts in other Banks/Central Bank/within its own Bank are funded and how liquidity is maintained?
How often we gather liquidity status & keep them updated?
Lets see on this topic soon..

Is Debit Bank valid? How about Creditor and its Bank?
Is there any charges for my payments?
How ledger entry takes place?
Need more time to discuss this, isn’t it?

How did I get an alert and notification for my credit and debit of Bank account?
Who is sending my Bank statements?
Oh! I successfully received confirmations of bill payment..
Interesting! How is the system working? We will discuss on these and much more!!

Get to know about ongoing changes in Banking & Payments, learn more about latest trends in this domain

Discussions on user guide, rule books, norms and guidelines, cancellation, exception handling, STP etc are also discussed